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1911 Sambar Stag Pistol Grips.

  • Antler Source:    India 


  • Pistol Types:    Colt,  Kimbers, Les Baer, Springfields, Ed Brown, Uselton, Volkmann, Dan Wesson, Wilson, STI, etc. and all 1911 clones.


  • Frame Size:    1911 Government and Commander


  • Modifications:  Upon request, can be cut for a ambidextrous safety. 


Meets or exceeds all of Kimbers and Colts custom shops specifications. 

Perfect for a everyday carry pistol or that special pistol in your collection just waiting for real Sambar Stag to complete its look.

India banned import of Sambar Stag in the USA in 1998.  What is left are small stockpiles of material that slowly trickle out to custom makers like myself.  Once my stock is depleted, I never know if I can get it again.  Premium grade stag is extremely difficult to find.

Genuine India Sambar Stag has a very defined look and feel.  Sambar stag antler is a very dense material.  Genuine Sambar stag should not be compared to European Red Stag or Maral Stag.  Although it may look similar, the antler of Sambar stag is much more dense with greater contrast of colors and a higher degree of texture.



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