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Unique, Custom Made Writing Instruments

The Wall Street III pen is a unique design.  It is the big brother to the Wall Street II pen.  It has the same length, only a little thicker diameter.  This pen features a two toned Black Titanium and Titanium Gold finish that is very durable and will last for many years. 
The material is a very unique, Computer Circuit Board.  Yes, it is an actual circuit board.  The board is encapsulated in a UV-resistant polyester resin.  It is glassy smooth to the touch and has been finished and polished by hand to a high luster.

I am sure you know someone that is in Technology that would appreciate this fine writing instrument. 
This would be a perfect gift for an IT Professional that has helped to fix a computer problem.  What a great way to say "Thank You".

The Wall Street II pen uses a Parker style ballpoint refill.  This pen will also accept the new Parker Gel refills.  They are available at most office supply stores.  If you need additional refills, I have a small supply available for purchase. 
All pens are handcraft by me in my workshop.  The pen you see in the listing is the pen you will receive.  This pen was made from a solid piece of wood or material with the grain oriented to match between the two barrels of the pen.   It was turned by hand on a lathe.
  • My pens are a joy to collect and also make excellent gifts.  Some gift ideas include:
    • Weddings (Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Clergy, Guest Book, Father in Law, Mother in Law)
    • Graduation (High School, College, Graduate)
    • Corporate (Motivational, Achievement, Promotion)
    • Sales Professionals (Real Estate, Insurance, Automotive, Banking)
    • Job Interviews (Lots of forms to fill out.  Also makes a good impression.)
    • Holidays (Fathers day, Mothers day, Secretaries day, Christmas)
    • Birthdays
    • Anniversaries

If you would like your pen gift boxed, I will provide one at no additional cost.
There are more than 20 steps involved in making a finished pen. I use more than forty different types of woods and materials from around the world.
With daily use, your pen will darken.  To clean and restore the gloss, simply buff with a high quality furniture wax.  I use Renaissance Wax.


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