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Colt Clone Single Action Maral Stag Grips

These are Maral Stag or European Red Stag from Russia. Very dense material and adds just a little weight to the grip frame. The weight gives a nice, balanced feel. And, the Maral Stag has good color and depth.  

If you have not shot stag grips before, these grips are smooth with some texture, but the stag gives a solid grip that sticks right to you. Cowboy Action Shooters love these grips for competition. The natural stag material gives you the look and feel you have been looking for. If you are playing for money or just plinking, you will really enjoy these grips.

These will fit the Italian clones (Uberti, Beretta, Pietta, Stoeger, Cimmeron) with the 1873 grip frame.  They are shown on a Beretta frame.

They are close to factory size and thickness.  I leave a small amount of oversize that can easily be sanded to fit your frame.  The grip blocks hold the two piece grips in place on the frame.  

They will look great on either a blued or stainless gun.  These are the ones you have been waiting for!

Don't wait, as this material is in very short supply.  With the current political situation in Russia, the dollar exchange rate and supply & demand from China, Maral Stag (European Red Stag) is becoming very difficult to acquire.  And, it takes twice as much material that is twice as thick to build a single action grip compared to a 1911 grip. 

If you have always wanted a set, now it the time.


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