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1873 Schofield No. 3, 2nd Model (Square Butt)..

These are for the Uberti/Italian clones (Stoeger, Uberti, Cimarron, Navy Arms).  2nd Model which has a square butt frame.  The "New Model" has a round butt frame.  These will not fit the "New Model" No. 3 unless you modify them.

Maral Stag comes from Russia.  It is a very dense antler.  Stag grips add style and give your Schofield a unique appearance over factory grips.  Natural material over plastic or micarta.  Grip screw provided.  A little fitting is required.  This is common to all SAA grips.  All it takes is a fingernail file and a little time.  Just go slow and you will have a perfect fit.


They will look great on either a blued or stainless gun.  These are the ones you have been waiting for!


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