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1911 Mammoth Ivory Pistol Grips.

  • Ivory Source:    Siberia, Russia. 


  • Pistol Types:    Colt,  All Kimbers, Les Baer, Springfields, Ed Brown, Uselton, Volkmann, Dan Wesson, Wilson, STI, etc. and all 1911 clones.


  • Frame Size:    1911 Government and Commander


  • Modifications:  Upon request, can be cut for a ambidextrous safety, bob tail (Ed Brown) or Kimber's Super Carry Pro. 


Meets or exceeds all of Kimbers and Colts custom shops specifications. 

Perfect for a everyday carry pistol or that special pistol in your collection just waiting for ivory to complete its look.

With its polish and warm colors these will frame out your pistol well and draw some attention on the range.  Again, if you like that warm buttery feel you only get with real ivory, these are ones to have.  Fine for every day carry. 


Very rich blues, and hints of green, make these very rare, in demand, and as a result they will hold their value very well.  Any "blues" are becoming increasing scarce, so if you have a stainless pistol or want blue Mammoth Ivory, these should be given serious consideration.  Both panels color match each other very well.  This level of blue will just "pop" off any pistol and so be prepared to get some attention at the range.  The high polish and warm buttery feel is something you only get with real ivory.





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by Mike
on 8/25/2011
Mammoth Ivory Grips
I was never one to make a firearm fancier and the 'stock look' was fine for me. But, I have changed my mind since putting a pair of these on both my Kimber and Colt National Match 45's. They just look great and the feel is beyond compare. The fit is perfect on either gun.
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