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Ruger NEW VAQUERO Birdshead Grips!

These will fit the Ruger New Vaquero Birdshead frame.  They can be modified to fit an old frame Vaquero birdshead frame.  The old style frame has "ears" in the frame near the hammer.  The grips need to be milled to fit these "ears" or step notches in the frame.  New model frames are a flush fit.  If you are not sure which frame you have, just ask.  The profile and the frame pin are the same for both models.

Mammth ivory from Russia.  

These already have a nice patina after 10,000 years buried in the tundra.

Cowboy Action Shooters love these grips for competition.  The natural material gives you the look and feel you have been looking for.  If you are playing for money or just plinking, you will really enjoy these grips.


They will look great on either a blued or stainless gun.  These are the ones you have been waiting for!

Some fitting may be required.  This is common on all SAA revolvers.  A little time and an nail file is all you need.  Just go slow.


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